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Healy: the holistic technology of

quantum medicine


When you listen to a radio and suddenly a song that you don't resonate with begins to play, what do you do? You change the station = you switch the frequency. Most people don't realize, that we can take the ownership of our own frequency in exactly the same way. 
We tend to simplify our existence to flesh + blood. And yet, absolutely everything on this planet - from humans to animals to plants to water - is made of atoms. Atoms which produce, emit + receive energy. Energy which operates at a specific frequency. Our emotions, thought patterns and tissues all have their own unique electromagnetic field, as do allergens, viruses or bacteria. Healy measures our individual frequency to then deliver back customized and specific frequencies that realign our cellular, emotional + energetic planes back into their bioenergetic balance.

This principle is present throughout the Eastern philosophies as it is in shamanism. This is why many healers sing to their patients, using sound frequency + the frequency of the healing plants to generate shifts. Our own atoms are 99% space and it's that emptiness, known as the quantum field, that holds the infinite potential to bring forth a reality of our wildest dreams.

The concept of consciousness as the developing direction of our reality has long been known and understood in the Eastern philosophies and by many indigenous cultures. Since quantum physics, it has been officially and scientifically recognized as the key aspect to create the reality we perceive on a daily basis, and on quantum fields (4D). The deep unraveling that I experienced upon my first few bio-field resonance scans, proved to me right away that this path will benefit me, my family and my clients in stepping into the most aligned, harmonious and love-centered reality of THRIVING.

If you feel called or intrigued, reach out to me. By joining my Frequency Family, you gain me as your mentor in the quantum realms. And I am so excited to be collaborating with so many incredible humans, in this sacred return to our Souls' blueprint and the co-creation of the new world. A world in which we are all fully sovereign.


The definition of homeopathy is “similar suffering”. Homeopathic remedies work by the similarity between the condition the person is experiencing and the energy of the particular substance. There is a match between the homeopathic energy and the particular state or suffering that the person is in. That match, when you get it right, is like hitting the bull’s eye. The change can be profound and fast.
Frequencies work exactly in the same way. Our bodies, although they look physical, are actually a matrix of energetic forces, molecules and atoms vibrating all of the time. That system responds to frequencies as a way of helping it to stay in alignment. Every organ in our body is always trying to get itself to the next level of health, as a built-in mechanism that programs us towards health. The right frequencies will resonate and sympathize with the body’s innate desire to be healthy, to stay healthy, to come back to health. 
Healy’s quantum sensor is able to search in the information field and ask the question: which particular frequencies right now in this moment will be most resonant with the body, mind, emotions and the energetic field, and then it generates those very frequencies.

Frequency medicine has been absolutely life-transforming for me, my family, and my clients. It is the future of us thriving in full sovereignty - mind, body and heart.

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