Breathwork is a simple yet powerful ancient practice of using a three-part active breath to move stagnant energy, release blockages, free suppressed emotions, feel into your subtle (pranic) body, inquire within and receive insights and guidance. In this method, you take the active role of your own healer.

I have been trained by David Elliott, a pioneer of this practice, and from the first time I have witnessed this very modality of healing, I knew that it will play a key role in my own journey. Every single time that I show up to breathe, I am mesmerized by the ease with which breathwork facilitates a true release of content that's no longer useful, while assisting me in getting in touch with my own Spirit - so that I can learn, bring healing to myself, and ultimately enter into a space of pure presence. 

I regularly host virtual group Breathwork gatherings via Zoom, as well as being available for private sessions. Please send me an email to find out more about these offerings.

This is a fully reclined practice, which you can easily connect to from the comfort of your own home (and bed - yum). 

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