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Within the carefully held format of your Noya Rao diet resides an invitation to deep rest. Deep rest that is found in the stillness of the mind, and with that – an energetic recharge that happens when we create more space in the body. Using the ancient Yogic practices of breath and movement, we will create a safe container for you to take your mind-body-heart diet experiences into a place of heightened awareness.

Noya Rao, also known as the Tree of Light, is a mythical tree, of which there are only three in the entire Amazon Basin. Noya Rao has been used in sacred ceremony by the Mahua Shipibo traditions for centuries. Noya Rao is known for its capacity to activate intuition, promote mental clarity and to increase one’s capacity for organized thought. Coupling a Master Plant Dieta with spiritual practices heightens Noya Rao’s capacity to promote profound healing and to reveal important insights.

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Ayahuasca is one of the most powerful and well-known natural entheogens known to man. The name ayahuasca comes from Quechua, a widely spoken South American language found throughout the Amazon: aya means “soul” and huasca means “vine”. The full name, therefore, means “vine of the soul”. It is a powerful plan medicine that can open a doorway to communication with the inner worlds and spirit realms.

Ayahuasca is a shamanic brew: a holistic, existential, experiential medicine that facilitates deep cleansing, states of inner-awakening and direct connection with the spirit world; and a tool to reach amplified states of consciousness. It is respected by a vast number of indigenous people of the Amazon as a healing Master Plant.

During this dieta there will be a total of five Ayahuasca ceremonies.

9 - 19 MARCH 2020




During this dieta, I will be offering daily a broad variety of breath and movement practices, guided meditations and somatic experiencing. Holding space for a deeper understanding of your subtle field, and helping to establish a sense of intimacy between your mind, body and heart.

We will be using the breath and mindful movement to explore the physical body, to shift stagnant energy and release blockages, free suppressed emotions, to feel into your own subtle layers, still the mind, reawaken the heart, and in the process receive insights and guidance. In this approach, you take the role of your own healer, choosing how deep you want to go, allowing intuition to guide you, opening your pathway to Spirit, and empowering yourself to let go of what no longer serves you so that you can call in more of what you need.

The container of conscious Yogic practices supporting your Noya Rao diet offers a very special opportunity to connect deeply to your own energy, to dive into your inner landscapes and to explore your underworld, your subconscious. You will activate a richer understanding of yourself while re-learning how to live in your physical body. As you expand your physical sense of self and familiarize with the subtle and energetic, you are likely to encounter a true neutral place in the mind – and embrace the natural stillness that occurs when our bodies, hearts and minds come into alignment.



Maestra Juana will be your facilitator of the Noya Rao Dieta. Juana is 65 years old and was born into one of the most respected and powerful healing lineages of the Shipibo tradition. She has dedicated her life to the sacred healing traditions of her people and has been studying and working as a healer for more than 30 years. She has dieted Noya Rao extensively for most of her life, and has expert knowledge of the body and the processes one undergoes when learning from this mythical tree. 

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