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by Marta Wanderlust and Katie Mayeux

21-26 OCTOBER 2020


Join me and my dear sister, Kathryn Mayeux, for our signature offering: The Journey. A carefully and lovingly curated exploration of mind-body practices, intentional BreathWork sessions, Cacao ceremonies (in a Mayan tradition) and two all-day sittings with the sacred Andean cactus medicine, San Pedro.


This is an invitation to deep and transformative personal work. Rediscovering, remembering, stepping into the role of your own healer and communing with Pachamama on this incredibly charged powerful land in Peru.


You can expect practices and rituals that bring an alignment across the mind-body-heart, allowing us to shed what no longer serves so that we can embody more of what we need. 



This offering is an invitation to profound healing, learning, and deep processing of our core pieces, beliefs and programs. Listening to the Earth, listening to the wisdom of the Plant Medicines, listening to your own body and all the stories it has to tell. An invitation to explore and embody who you truly are, in this moment, and thus take the journey home to your Heart.

This retreat is for you if: 

* you want to establish or deepen your spiritual practice

* you feel called to experience Plant Medicine in a safe setting
* you feel ready to dive deep and touch your core wounding, heal trauma, or address any discomforts in your day to day life

* you are willing to take personal responsibility for your process

* you feel tired of your old ways, 'stuck', or ready to take the leap

* you feel ready to go deeper within you
* you are curious about what rests in the deep space of stillness 
* you need a reset across body-mind-Spirit 

* you'd like to explore new tools and rituals for your daily life

Please note that this retreat will involve deep processing and there is a screening process in place. Please contact me directly for more information on how to apply to join us.


                               YOUR INVESTMENT

Your retreat package includes:

* Daily practice sessions led by Marta and Kathryn

* Two all-day San Pedro ceremonies

* Two Cacao ceremonies in a lineage from Guatemala

* An offering ceremony (Despacho) with an elder from the Q'ero Nation community

* Five nights accommodation in luxury en suite villas 
* Three nourishing vegetarian meals a day, and special food offerings on the ceremony days

* Unlimited fruit, teas and purified spring water
* Group transport from and to Cusco

Private all inclusive package: $1899

Double deluxe all inclusive package: $1650

Double share all inclusive package: $1599

Triple share all inclusive package: $1499

A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your room. Due to an intimate nature of this offering the spaces are limited.



Munay Sonqo retreat centre is set in the Sacred Valley, Peru. The nearest bigger town is Pisac and the closest airport is in Cusco. 


There will be a group pick up from Cusco on the morning of the first day of the retreat. It is about 1.5 hours drive from the resort.



The retreat will take place at the absolutely beautiful Munay Sonqo Santuario in the Sacred Valley, Peru - a retreat center nestled at the foot of a waterfall, with a magical practice and ceremony space, a swimming pool and incredible views of the Andes. 

Abundant vegetarian food will be served three times a day, using local produce and including organic fruit and vegetables growing on the property. 

The private, double and triple-share bedrooms are spread across three rustic yet luxurious villas, with beautiful garden views. All rooms are en suite.



San Pedro (also known as Huachuma) is a cactus that has been used as a sacred Plant Medicine for at least 3,000 years in the Andes of Peru. It is a medicine that can be used to help us perceive our self-created barriers and limitations, and greatly aids us in opening and connecting with our hearts.

Each ceremony is a reunion with ourselves, Mother Nature and the Divine. It is a medicinal mirror that can help us see where we hold onto self-limiting beliefs and patterns in our lives, gently guiding us toward releasing that which no longer serves us.



Cacao is a wonderful heart opening medicine. In a non-psychoactive way it facilitates a warm loving space for an authentic and deep connection with yourself, others, and all of life. 


It is a powerful spirit assistance for inner work, opening to creativity, entering a deep meditation thus receiving insights and guidance, but most importantly - spending some time in the heart space. Therefore anything that wants to be acknowledged or healed or expressed has the container to come up.



For more information and the application form, please email

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