Marta is a gifted, passionate, and highly experienced teacher and student of Yoga and the teachings of Advaita Vedanta. She has first discovered Yoga when 14 years old, and right away felt the mysterious familiarity of the practice. However it wasn't until recovering from substance abuse that she truly sought the depths of Yoga and began to explore its full capacity to awaken one from the deep sleep of fear-based consciousness. What was a pass time became a way of living and paved her path to healing. She began her professional training with a Jivamukti Yoga immersion, under the guidance of Yogeswari – one of the most senior teachers of the method. Marta was certified as an Ashtanga and Vinyasa instructor in a traditional school in Goa, India. In India, she also had the privilege to meet her Spiritual teacher Rishi Sudhir of Tiruvannamalai, with decades of experience and a depth of Vedic knowledge. Aside of the studies of Vedanta, she has also spent time at the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi, set at the foot of the sacred mountain Arunachala.


Marta’s love for the practice of being, Yin Yoga, comes as a result of her trainings with Joshua Summers, an experienced teacher and TCM practitioner. Her various studies with Joshua initiated her into the system of meridians and Traditional Chinese Medicine, helping to establish a deep understanding of the subtle body and its many pathways, and the interrelationship with the Yoga practice. Fascinated by the science of psychosomatics and shamanic understanding of illness as an expression of blocked energy, Marta began to find many commonalities between the Eastern philosophies and energy medicine practices of the indigenous people of the Amazon.

The deep passion for the practice of Breathwork came from Marta's studies with the pioneer of the method, David Elliott. Having undertaken various modules of his facilitation training, Marta fell in love with the simplicity and the profound results of this healing modality.


Marta has also undertaken numerous meditation retreats, including the silent Goenka Vipassana and the Mindfulness retreats organized by the London Buddhist Centre.


She has taught at diverse centers in Europe, Asia, and South America and spent a few years serving as a 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainer in India.


Having lived in Peru over the recent years, sharing her practice with the guests of a variety of plant medicine healing centers and leading regular transformative retreats, Marta has recently relocated back to Europe. She is now based in Berlin, grateful for the chance to bring the gifts and teachings that she has received closer to her roots.


Over the last decade, Marta has been immersed in her studies with the plant medicines and traditions of Central and South America. She has had the opportunity to learn under the guidance of shamans and medicine people from various traditions, including communities like the Shipibo and Mestizo in the Amazon, Q'eros in the Andes, Kogi in Colombia, and the wonderful cultures of Mexica and Lakota. Her studies across diverse traditions devoted to understanding both our human physicality and the pathways to Spirit have led her to understand that all paths are complementary, and ultimately lead to the very same realization of Unity. She is deeply grateful to all of her teachers, past and present, human and non-human, for shining their light under her stumbling feet.

Om Bolo Shri Sat Guru Bhagavan Ki.. Jai! // To my teacher within, the only teacher of truth.