What I found the most powerful in this journey of returning to love, is to be witnessed. Being witnessed in my pain, in my raw authentic expression, and being witnessed in those incredible moments of purest insight, where the quiet vast planes within my own awareness become the guiding force.

I offer one-on-one spiritual mentorship sessions. In person and online. A time and space for YOU to be witnessed. To be heard. And to be reflected. An opportunity to share, to receive guidance, to be together in a container of presence. Some of my areas of focus are plant medicine preparation and integration, addiction recovery, healing of trauma and the resulting self-limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns, alignment and evolution across the mind-body-heart. 

My own journey of healing trauma, the rock bottom of substance abuse, and the stickiness of shame and anger, has been a rite of passage. I am not an authority. But I definitely am someone who has been there, in those murky waters, and who has made it through. My own awakenings and healings, the journey from darkness to light, want to be of service to YOU. Whatever I have learned, whatever saved me, whatever brought me back to love, wants to be shared.

And I’d love to share it with you. This journey is not one to be walked alone. You are not alone. Please email

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Marta Wanderlust 2020