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Marta's memoir

Miracles from the Abyss: a Hero's Journey of Healing and Awakening through Yoga, Plant Medicine and the Teachings of the Soul is a raw and honest account of a personal journey though childhood overwhelm, addiction, eating disorders and heartbreaking trauma, into the expansive inner-realms of a spiritual awakening. 


In this memoir I share relatable accounts of personal pain, as well as the hope and beauty that come with growth and healing. Having written this book as an offering for our times, I invite you on a pilgrimage of radical honesty, spiritual empowerment and inspiration.

Life has equipped us with countless tools and practices to make the symbolic Hero's Journey, from darkness to light, from forget to remember. There is an emergency exit even in the scariest of hells. 

I know because I found one during my own journey.

It is my deepest wish, that in the sharing of my own tumultuous story I carry a message of hope.

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