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Anja, October 2021


Working with Marta has been a profound journey of embodying authenticity. Through nine months we worked on integrating aspects of my being I had pushed away, healing trauma and allowing myself to become true to my authentic Self.


Even though we worked together digitally, coming together felt like being held in a loving, tender and strong presence- allowing me to gently unfold in my own time. She beautifully balanced being a mirror, holding space for my light and dark and holding me accountable towards myself. Her wisdom from different traditions worked in perfect symbiosis, weaved together with wisdom from my own body. I left each session feeling I gained valuable insight, inspiration and healing.


Reflecting on our work together, I sense how it has expanded my inner landscapes, self-compassion and curiosity for Life. I am so so grateful for everything she has, and continues to ignite in my being, and the deep healing I have received from our work.

Rebecca, September 2021


I reached out to Marta during a time of emotional turbulence, knowing that I needed some extra support, and that nobody else would be able to hold me quite like she would. From the initial call through to our final session, I felt safe, protected, and free to process anything and everything that arose. To come back to my breath and body in every moment.


It was never a case of being told what to do or where to go, but more of an open invitation to FEEL into every part of my experience, whilst uncovering past truths and potential roots of particular issues. It was a hugely empowering investment to have made in my own journey of self-discovery, and I would recommend her mentorship to anyone who feels ready to show up for themselves in that way.

Roxana, January 2021


Marta has a beautiful presence, a loving, wise and supportive energy in both her mentorship and breathwork offerings.


Her mentorship approach cuts right to the source of the problems and allows the client to access wisdom that is deeply buried in the subconscious, leading to powerful insights. Her warm guidance enables meaningful processing of what is revealed. Marta also strikes the right balance with supporting and gently holding the client accountable for their own progress.


Marta’s breathwork offerings are also incredibly helpful; she excels at creating a safe and strong container and holding space for the group. Her beautiful words setting up and throughout the practice enable significant insights to emerge, emotions to be felt and the heart space to open.


It is a blessing to receive her work.

Stephanie, September 2020


Working with Marta was one of the best gifts I have given myself. Her offering came at a time when I was dissociating and experiencing psychological and physical trauma. At a time when I felt deeply unsafe, I felt safe to be guided by her. I had the most profound, sober experiences by just holding space for my body and giving it permission to express itself.


Marta guided me back to myself and my inner wisdom. I never felt like I was being taught, but rather guided, held, and led. She reflected back to me what I was experiencing and believing, which was tough for my ego to hear, but was super enlightening to gain that awareness. Although I deeply miss our weekly sessions and the spaciousness I experienced with her, I feel like I can access those inner "landscapes" on my own. Thank you, Marta, for empowering me and reminding me of my strength, wholeness, and loving nature.

Bruce, August 2020


I met Marta at my first Ayahuasca retreat over two years ago. She impressed me with her authentic wisdom and her wonderful sense of humor. Before one of the ceremonies she guided a meditation and brought us into our inner landscape. She then asked us to ask the question “what am I longing for?” An answer came to me that I did not have access to before. I was longing for a deeper connection to others. 

Since then I have followed her to a magical town in Peru. I have had consistent personal sessions with her where we explore who I am and what is going on inside of me. 

I cannot describe in words how grateful I am to her or how profound her work with me has been. My connection to others has deepened far beyond my wildest dreams!

Fauna, January 2020


Oh my, where to begin?! From the moment I stepped off the plane, I felt the magic. Deep in my heart I knew I had come home. Marta held such a loving, secure and safe space for us all to open our hearts, be vulnerable-to purge, to cry, to scream, to laugh and simply release.


The whole layout of the retreat allowed me to be fully open my heart and benefit from the plant medicine and other healing modalities, also allowing me to take home different methods of healing. The breath-work was intense, powerful and so beneficial. Overall such an amazing experience led by a beautiful, magnificent soul. I had such a mind blowing experience I’m going once again to dive even deeper on another retreat of Marta’s in Peru next month!

Victoria, FNP-c, MPH, November 2019


Having been in the world of wellness and healing for 20 years as a Nurse Practitioner, Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator, I cannot recommend Marta more. 


Her calm, gentle energy welcomed me to open my heart and mind to the spiritual guidance/mentorship she offered. She asked smart, thoughtful questions, and held space in a most beautiful way. The somatic practices she guided me through brought me to immediate tears - in the most perfect and transformational way.


In short: as a health care provider, certified life coach and witch, I cannot recommend working with Marta more. I trust her deeply, and will refer friends, family and patients alike to her care. 

Olivia,  September 2019


Marta has this unique ability to hold this space for one to feel both calm and grounded while simultaneously feeling inspired and uplifted. She shows up authentically and always with compassion and guides with great love and attention. I had the most amazing retreat with Marta, and felt like I had unconditional support throughout it all. Her yoga classes are deeply in tune and, without fail, always provided me with an opportunity to come back into myself. Thank you thank you thank you Marta for being you and holding the space that you do!

Giulio,   June 2018


My wife and I met Marta in India during our teacher training course and she immediately struck us as an example of embodiment of yoga’s philosophy and principles. Her rigor in her teaching comes as a result of many years of committed learning and practice. Her generous heart and warmth matches her competencies and knowledge. It was a privilege to have her as our teacher for a month.


This year we invited Marta to co lead a yoga retreat in Tuscany and she confirmed to be an extraordinary yoga teacher. This was also an opportunity to get to know her better and appreciate her deep connection to spirit and nature. We hope to stay connected to Marta and have more opportunities to share time with her. Obviously we would highly recommend Marta for anyone who is interested in a yoga teacher that goes beyond technique and posture and can offer a doorway to personal growth and cultivation of the self. 

Sean,   March 2018

I first met Marta at an Ayahuasca deep immersion retreat at the Temple of the Way of Light in Iquitos. I found myself impressed with her sensitivity around yoga (and our various levels of expertise) as well as a real sense of peace and gratitude that emanated from her during and after class. I most recently attended another retreat that she organized around San Pedro in the Sacred Valley. This second retreat showcased her talents with yoga and was a wonderfully rewarding and intense experience in that she and her partner held space in a wonderfully nurturing and understanding way.


I look forward to attending future retreats with her as she has a wonderful method of integrating yogic practices (at least to my inexperienced eye) with traditional plant medicines that I believe better allow you to reap greater benefits of both together than you would with them separately. She is wonderfully patient and has struck me as a wonderfully positive and giving force in a world where such people are in short supply. I highly recommend her retreats (or her presence in one). You won't be disappointed.

Gregg,   December 2017


I met Marta at a retreat in Peru working with spirit medicines, and couldn't have asked for a better yoga instructor. I looked forward to every class I had with her. No matter if we were doing pre-ceremony yoga, guided meditation, or morning yoga after an intense ceremony, Marta always knew exactly the right words and practices to enhance the medicine work in that moment. She intuitively read into what the class needed and I found myself gratefully thanking her after nearly every class for such a deep and moving practice.


Marta's words of "everything is welcome" helped pull me through my darkest time in my medicine work, and still helps me today. She is a kind, beautiful soul whom I would recommend to anyone interested in yoga, no matter your experience level.

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