Katie Mayeux   October 11, 2018


I recently embarked on a journey inward guided and facilitated by Marta. This was the most powerful journey I have taken on my path thus far. Marta is a healer, a facilitator, a woman who truly embodies the feminine. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and heal with her loving guidance. If you are seeking a retreat that will be facilitated by an authentic teacher, light worker, and healer I trust that attending one with Marta will provide a platform for you to dive as deep as you are willing to go.

Jackie Cox   October 10, 2018


I recently partook in a retreat with Marta in the Sacred Valley. It was a 7-day yoga intensive with two San Pedro ceremonies. Marta is a tremendous yoga instructor and experienced plant teacher who brought together such a beautiful space with all the right components to ensure my comfort. The site we stayed at was Samadhi in Sacred Valley, and our daily practices were face to face with the beautiful Peruvian mountains, absolutely breathtaking. Our food was vegan and phenomenal, can't say enough about having excellent cuisine on a retreat! I recommend anyone looking to increase their practice or wanting to open to sharing in a medicine experience to attend her retreats. She has such a warm soul and holds the most beautiful space with ease. She brought me deeper into my practice and had other teachers on different days to extend their knowledge of yoga and breath. We were never stagnant in our journey. She brought the Peruvian culture and shared her extensive knowledge of plant medicine and healing, and had different expert shamans in the local areas to hold ceremonies. She went over and beyond for me and others after retreat by ensuring we had a legit and safe taxi to chauffeur us around all of Sacred Valley, to tour the mountain ranges and ancient Inca sites (affordably). That was not part of the retreat and I was so relieved she handled that for us! Traveling to another country is overwhelming and sometimes daunting and Marta made the experience flow with ease. Her knowledge in spiritual healing besides yoga is relentless and I love a teacher who does not mind sharing.

Giulio Brunini   June 25, 2018


My wife and I met Marta in India last year during our teacher training course and she immediately struck us as an example of embodiment of yoga’s philosophy and principles. Her rigor in her teaching comes as a result of many years of committed learning and practice. Her generous heart and warmth matches her competencies and knowledge. It was a privilege to have her as our teacher for a month. This year we invited Marta to co lead a yoga retreat in Tuscany and she confirmed to be an extraordinary yoga teacher. This was also an opportunity to get to know her better and appreciate her deep connection to spirit and nature. We hope to stay connected to Marta and have more opportunities to share time with her. Obviously we would highly recommend Marta for anyone who is interested in a yoga teacher that goes beyond technique and posture and can offer a doorway to personal growth and cultivation of the self. 

Sean Tizoc Spiers   March 14, 2018


I first met Marta at an Ayahuasca deep immersion retreat at the Temple of the Way of Light in Iquitos. I found myself impressed with her sensitivity around yoga (and our various levels of expertise) as well as a real sense of peace and gratitude that emanated from her during and after class. I most recently attended another retreat that she organized around San Pedro in the Sacred Valley. This second retreat showcased her talents with yoga and was a wonderfully rewarding and intense experience in that she and her partner held space in a wonderfully nurturing and understanding way. I look forward to attending future retreats with her as she has a wonderful method of integrating yogic practices (at least to my inexperienced eye) with traditional plant medicines that I believe better allow you to reap greater benefits of both together than you would with them separately. She is wonderfully patient and has struck me as a wonderfully positive and giving force in a world where such people are in short supply. I highly recommend her retreats (or her presence in one). You won't be disappointed.

Gregg Skaines   December 20, 2017


I met Marta at a retreat in Peru working with spirit medicines, and couldn't have asked for a better yoga instructor. I looked forward to every class I had with her. No matter if we were doing pre-ceremony yoga, guided meditation, or morning yoga after an intense ceremony, Marta always knew exactly the right words and practices to enhance the medicine work in that moment. She intuitively read into what the class needed and I found myself gratefully thanking her after nearly every class for such a deep and moving practice. Marta's words of "everything is accepted" helped pull me through my darkest time in my medicine work, and still helps me today. She is a kind, beautiful soul whom I would recommend to anyone interested in yoga, no matter your experience level.

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