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Yoga + Plant Medicine = magic

There is something AMAZING taking place this March, here at the Temple of the Way of Light, and I am so thrilled to be part of it. Check out my video below to find out more about our retreat, combining the most comprehensive yoga program we have ever offered with Ayahuasca ceremonies. The integration of these two ancient pathways to healing and self-discovery offers a powerful opportunity for lasting transformation.

This retreat will run from March 16th to 24th and will cost $1,500.

Ceremonies and healing will be offered by Maestra Lila and Maestro Damian, two exceptionally skilled traditional Amazonian shamanic / plant-medicine healers from the Shipibo tribe. Group processing sessions and integration support of Ayahuasca healing will be run by Jennifer Ball, a resident facilitator with over 6 years of experience facilitating retreats at the Temple.

The Temple of the Way of Light has significant experience over the last 5 years working with unique and highly qualified yoga teachers who not only bring their individual gifts and proven teaching methods but who have extensive personal experience working with Ayahuasca in a responsible and sacred way.

The combination of intensive yoga and Ayahuasca healing creates an extraordinary synergy where dedicated participants can accelerate their own learning, personal growth, healing, spiritual awakening and integrative process.

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