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Books that change YOU

For anyone who doesn't know me - I read a lot! I love to read, I love to learn, I love to challenge my beliefs, I love words that make an impact on my heart, on my being, on my journey. This year, I have read quite a few books that magically fulfilled all of the above. I hope you give them a try. ☉ Perfect love, Imperfect relationships ~ John Welwood ☉ Touching Enlightenment ~ Reginald A.Ray ☉ Polishing the Mirror ~ Ram Dass ☉ The Deepest Acceptance ~ Jeff Foster ☉ The Gospel according to Jesus ~ Paul Ferrini ☉ The End of Your World ~ Adyashanti ☉ Loving-Kindness ~ Sharon Salzberg ☉ The Yoga of Jesus ~ Parahamsa Yogananda 

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