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These days there is a lot talk about the Earth ascending. It can sound totally unrelatable and ‘up there with the fairies’ but de-mystified ascension simply means the return to LOVE + HARMONY. Individually, as we move away from the low frequencies of lives lived in fear, anger, shame, take responsibility for our own healing, and begin to embody the higher thoughts and emotions - those of love, compassion, forgiveness, joy. Thus, we rise higher. Ascend. By changing our relationship to ourselves, acknowledging the wounding + freeing the old stories, we change our relationship to LIFE. Collectively, in the ascension we choose connection, community, togetherness over judgement, hatred, scarcity, comparison. Making the empowered choice to create our own happiness, instead of holding grudges and replaying the same old tales. Tales that will always end in conflict because eye for eye, and ‘you must pay for your mistakes’. Practicing forgiveness and the teachings of Christ - pure unconditional all encompassing love + acceptance starts with all aspects of our own being, of our story, our flaws and faults and mistakes and pains and struggles. When we heal our relationship to ourselves, we automatically heal the way we relate to others. “Them” organically becomes “us”. Togetherness suddenly feels to be the only obvious solution for peaceful living on this planet where everyone gets to be and thrive. Ascension IS happening. Slowly but surely. Duality will forever mean that all manifest aspects of life are and will be present, things we could label as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ will forever seem in opposition. But the point is that more and more of us chooses to take the ownership of our lives. To wake up from the Matrix, start questioning the way things are in our societies. Return to nature, open up to its wisdom. Begin healing our individual and collective pain. And the more we heal + evolve, the less we feel the fear of others and the more honest heart-felt desire to love, to serve, and to remember. Ultimately there are only two choices in every single moment of every single day - to think, speak, act from love, or to do it from fear. Let’s rise!

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