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Last week my husband and I went on a fancy date. I was having a moment, thinking that I’m really proud to be a European, and that even though I relish in nature living, and have had the most amazing 6 years mostly away from the Western ways, I miss it to some extent. I miss some of it. And I sure miss my family. Since I left for India I have only been able to see them once a year.. My gorgeous godson, my niece + nephew, all growing up so fast without much of me around. My parents are ageing and grandparents transitioning. Suddenly it bothers me more than ever before, and I yearn for my roots.

So well, we have made a very sudden spontaneous decision to leave Peru and relocate to SPAIN. I love the Sacred Valley and have had the most amazing three years living in Peru, but as we feel ready to start a family I’m also feeling ready to be closer to mine, to live somewhere less dramatic than 3000m above sea level, and to bring everything that I have learnt here, all the gifts that I have received, to the continent that I am from. To my people.It’s exciting + also slightly eeeek but I trust trust trust that we are being guided to where we are actually needed the most. My heart flutters at being closer to my loved ones and at creating new life. I feel me entering into a new stage of womanhood, a very different initiation into life, where the ceremony goes on and has nothing to do with ingesting anything, and where the most important space to hold will be the one for our baby.

So friends, an amazing and important chapter is slowly coming to an end and I am planning to bring a closure with one last big and juicy retreat, co created with my husband and our beautiful community of friends + teachers. If you’ve been wanting to come to Peru, to try Plant Medicine, or if you feel called to return, this is your last chance with me for a while.

23-29 Feb 2020 in the magical Sacred Valley. 🏔🌵 Yoga, BreathWork, Astrology immersion led byMark Flaherty, San Pedro ceremonies, Andean rituals, hikes to sacred sites, and an optional Ayahuasca add-on with my family BODY of PRANA- Safah and Felix. This is going to be a lovingly held, full of depth + magic invitation to come home together. And what a way to say goodbye to this land! ❤️

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