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Reflections from a shamanic tree dieta

What for the mind is an end, for the Heart is simply another match to ignite the sacred flames. It bursts into radiance, only to be reborn again.

I choose to die to myself because that is the portal to new life. To be burned in love - by love, for love. Ready to die into new life within me, become born again, into new form, more aligned + alive than ever before.

I am reunited with an ancient memory of love so powerful that it explodes within me. Life happens through me. Love is my nature.

Through every bit of pain, betrayal, grief, this Heart grew stronger, ready to ignite into new life, into the dance that is not a funeral procession but the rite of spring.

This Heart is ready to leap with new life, to be infused with joy, innocence and the passion of deepest devotion. I am safe. This Heart knows the way. Love is my nature. So be it. What a journey. I am humbled by the depths of subconscious and the power of the mind, and forever in awe of the tools available in Nature to rise through it all.

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