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The end of a decade

Anyone else shocked by the fast approaching November? I can feel the Scorpio season breathing down my neck..

With many deep healings + learnings this year, I’m starting to feel the urge to seal off this crazy decade with some rituals and ceremonies. 2009 was the beginning of my end, I was not in a good place (in all ways possible), it got a bit better for a couple of years and then 2012 saw my absolute rock bottom. Things got very painful, very ugly, very scary.

I survived. And here we are, slowly nearing the end of 2019, and I feel that I can look back at this crazy decade (in which I’ve gone to hell and back), and honestly pat myself on a shoulder for being here now. On the other side. Healthy, strong, at peace with myself. Every day growing. Every day shedding the onion layers of past traumas, fears and pains. An active participant in remembering the truth of my Soul. Cultivating an internal ecology of trust + surrender that feels so good - even though there was a time when everything about it terrified me.

Grateful for the hardcore schooling of this decade. It made me rise from a lost scared girl to a grounded powerful woman. My power lives in my womb, and the biggest learning has been realizing that I don’t need to prove it to anyone. It’s enough that I quietly know of its existence. And that I honor it every day.

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