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Finding yumminess in chaos

Finding yumminess in chaos - that's my mantra for this week. How can I show up for myself and life in a way that helps me cultivate gratitude and joy, even (or especially) in the midst of sombre circumstances.

The non-dual path of Tantra calls us into an embodied + sensual spirituality. If everything is divine, then our physical bodies with all of our senses too are the vehicles to reconnect with our divinity. We are called to realize the divine in absolutely all aspects of life. Even those our minds are so quick to reject and judge and label. This quest empowers us, moment by moment, to choose HOW we want to experience our reality. The reality won't change, it is what it is, and the greatest liberation awaits in our choice of attitude towards it.

While not denying the pain or sadness, we no longer have to apply them as filters for our reality, or cling to things having to be one particular way. This sincere willingness for life to flow in its own way, inevitably opens us to a greater sense of ease and joy - regardless of our circumstances.

And so I invite you to join me this week as I hold space for that sweet reconnection with the divinity of each moment. On Friday, April 24th at 3:00pm CST, I will collaborate with my dear friend + an incredible vegan chef, Aaron Brunet, for the global gathering meditation. This week it includes chocolate making + eating, together. Aaron has lovingly developed a yummy recipe for our community (lockdown-friendly with no fancy ingredients!) and we invite you to prepare your chocolate treat ahead of the Friday gathering, and bring it along for the Zoom meeting. We will first meditate, drop into our bodies, and from there, playfully transition into a sensory exploration and tap into the ease + joy underneath the noise. Please join us for an hour of connection, community, mindfulness and delight.

We have a choice, moment by moment, HOW we want to relate to our experience. This is a brand new week, maybe to choose different and arrive at a place of greater inner peace and softness, and joy for all that we still do have.❤️


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