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The space of my Practice

My practices are my lifeline. It’s been such a powerful time of rediscovering myself in the space of my breath and movement and song and prayer. To sit with stillness and rather than meeting it with doing, to be.

Even though this isn’t too different from how I live my life on a day to day basis, I can feel the deepening of my internal space. A magnified receptivity. With no planes in the sky and cars on the road, all I hear is nature. The veil feels very thin right now.

Yesterday my friend said something really beautiful on the phone. “The respiratory virus is leading us all into a collective exhale.” I can feel the wave of letting go sweeping through me, through my environment. How we have to surrender and ride it or we will drive ourselves crazy.

And so I meet myself, my emotions and thoughts, in a whole new way. Without anywhere to go and with nothing to do,  I am with me. I sit, I watch, I drink tea, I lay around. So many new layers become apparent.

Only few months ago the lungs of the Earth were on fire. Now ours are. What are we learning about the importance of taking a big breath in and then exhaling out?


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