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Today, love pours out of my heart, and as I reflect upon the last years of this incredible journey, I can't help but want to vocalise it all, if anything, for myself to have an account, a proof, a tangible way of expressing the deepest Truth of the healing journey, through the vessel of my practice.

Today, I feel ever so grateful to the path of Yoga for showing me that I don't need to go anywhere to find what I am seeking. For teaching me that everything is already contained within. For allowing me to find my breath, and in finding the breath, notice the delicate thread connecting the body with the mind. For the moments of stillness and emptiness. For that sweet rolling-out-of-Savasana on a high. Or for the pouring tears and deep releases. For the nurtured physical body, and the nourished Spirit. For the realisation that I am, indeed, whole and complete, and thus giving me the quiet permission to just be. In result, learning to simply allow others to also just be. For teaching me about the art of letting go. For moving me from posture to posture, from breath to breath, and for that continuity of awareness to magically expand into other areas of my life.

This morning, as I stepped on my mat, I honoured my Truth. I moved in a way that felt good. Without striving, without the ego, without an agenda. I prayed and meditated in a way that felt good, in a way that allowed me to express myself as I was there and then. Without over-conceptualising, over-thinking or labelling. Today, I honoured me. This is so simple. And yet it took me years to get here. But God, life has never been sweeter. Good things happen, and not so good things happen. Such is life. But I no longer create turmoil for myself by clinging. Or craving. Or wallowing in aversion. I am free. And my heart is full of gratitude for this Path.

From posture to posture, from breath to breath, from moment to moment. Just that. HERE and NOW.

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