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The freedom of Self-Love

My intention for 2016 was to reconnect to the Divine Feminine. To heal my way of relating to myself, to other women. To soften. In every prayer, ritual, ceremony, I kept reconnecting to this. Reconnecting to the Mother. And it started to happen right away. Powerfully, day after day. Taking me deeper and deeper to a place of full acceptance, allowing me to peel away the long-conditioned harsh layers of comparison, self-criticism, judgement, punishment. I vowed to never again say a negative thing about this body. And ever since, every day started to have a different feeling to it. I started to float. Moving, eating, and just enjoying this temple, without overthinking. Learning to love myself unconditionally has been the hardest thing I've ever done. But one that liberated me from so much unnecessary drama.✨

We are the perfect creation of the Universe. We are stardust! Why is it so easy to give love so freely to others, and at the same time be so critical, harsh, and punishing with self? The most powerful words are the ones we utter to ourselves. We have the power to manifest absolutely anything. I see this happen every day. So then the words also hold the power to make us feel inferior, less than. Or to help us heal. So many of us have been conditioned to continuously compare ourselves to others, to strive and achieve. To match against imposed "standards". How freeing to say NO. To hold yourself in your own arms. To make independent choices without looking for an approval. To say thank you, body, I love you. ✨

This year, I chose love me, the whole package. I am here, on this planet, breathing and moving. Wow. Isn't that enough to celebrate? Isn't this quite something? All my life, I have NEVER showed my teeth in photos. I was utterly sure of their "imperfection", ashamed, and would simply refuse to fully smile. As this year's journey unfolded, something shifted. I realised, once again, that there is nothing wrong with me,or my teeth. What's wrong is my thinking. Wow. What a difference to my quality of living. To the ease in which I can embrace every moment. ✨

This is a long post but I wanted to get this across - we ALL come from the same Source, we are different forms of the very same energy, and thus by default are one, perfect, here to remember, to reconnect, to find our way home. What's there to worry about when we can make life anything we want? A Mother loves all her children equally. FREE YOURSELF by loving every part of you, every part of this journey. By being grateful for this incredible time you're granted here. By choosing LOVE. And watch the magic unfold. ❤

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