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Do your own work.

Do your own work. You can only ever take people as deep as you have gone yourself.

You can 'teach' things you haven't been trained in just because you think you understand them - and yet to hold a safe space there is no way around being informed and educated. The lineage is what keeps us in alignment.

Do your work. Yin Yoga is not just some forward fold held for 5mins. Yoga Nidra is not just some script downloaded from the internet. BreathWork is not just you repeating what you once practiced. Plant Medicine ceremonies are no joke.

These healing modalities all have an incredible depth, they take YEARS to truly grasp. When you choose to teach or share something you assume things about, or hold ceremonies without first actually studying under any lineage, you bypass years of legwork done by those before you (whether you realize it or not). So do your own work first.

Learn. Invest time. Study. Heal yourself. Have integrity. Ask yourself, am I truly qualified to teach or share a modality that brings people into a process? Do you know what to do if someone's Nervous System fires up and they start to disassociate? Do your work.

Put the time in. The actual responsibility of calling oneself a teacher or a facilitator is far greater than showing up on time, having a stick of sage and a list of Rumi quotes. Trauma is a serious thing. Do your own work. Lift your own rug. You can only take people as deep as you have the courage to go.


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